Immortals in disaster as 2 turns on them

HEN1 and LUCAS1 have both requested departure from Immortals

Both HEN1 and LUCAS1’s request to exit the team follows ‘kNg’ being forced out from the organization. kNg’s forced departure was accredited to him breaking his suspension as he played 2 games against CLG earlier in the week. According to reports from HLTV, the 3 had supposedly request IMT to transfer the out of the team. However, Immortals were fairly strict on their request, stating they would only release the players upon another organization agreeing to take up their contracts.

While Immortals in their early days had stated they fought for player right and respected the wishes of their players, this move goes directly against that, forcing them to stay. That said, its understandable why IMT took this decision, as losing 3 players would be a major hit to the team’s finances, considering they’d be forfeiting their contracts and being forced to sign 3 new players, no easy task for any organization.