Immortals vs. Apex – NA LCS week 5 – Previews & predictions

Immortals vs Apex

Immortals are looking on point this season and have only dropped one game to TSM.  While Immortals are a very well rounded team; who excel mechanically, have great team synergy when calling for early ganks as well as great play makers like Huni, 200 IQ Pobelter and Turtle, Apex are lacking such qualities in many aspects of their gameplay.

Apex demonstrate a mix and match of players; a team that is dependent on their top lane to snowball and carry due to his aggressive picks such as J4, Fizz, Swain and Irelia, but thus far Ray has been very inconsistent. Keane was also notorious for his cheesy picks in the mid lane, particularly his Urgot picks backs in s5. However rather than being a mid laner that teams should be fearful of, he sits in the middle of the pack as nothing special.

Overall, Immortals should be able to take an easy victory against this line-up.

Predictions: Immortals 60% | Apex 40% (2-0 IMT win)