Immortals vs. Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS week 7 – Previews & predictions

Immortals vs clg

Immortals and TSM are in the driving seat of the NA LCS, bulldozing any team that come before them. While TSM have been very polished in their plays since week 1, Immortals have been ramping up their gameplay abilities and improving by the day. With much cleaner and faster games, as well as more 2-0 victories, I feel as though the Immortals we knew at the beginning of the split is a different team to the one we see today.

CLG on the other hand are demonstrating a mix and match of their former selves. While their team is still heavily split push orientated, they are not receiving as many benefits from this strategy as they did in the previous season. Darshan is dying far too much in the side-lanes, while CLG aren’t able to capitalise on Darshan’s deaths.

While CLG are picking up some wins here and there, they still haven’t proved to me that they are play-off worthy. With the NA LCS standings demonstrating a great degree of consistency, such that higher tiered teams generally win against lower ones, Immortals should come out with a confident win.

Prediction: Immortals 60% | Counter Logic Gaming 40%