Immortals vs. Echo Fox – NA LCS week 7 – Previews & predictions

Immortals vs echo fox

If you’ve finished watching Echo Fox vs. TSM and you didn’t get enough of watching a top tier team waffle stomp Echo Fox, then you’ve come to the right place. Echo Fox’s line-up is in dire need of refurbishment; despite subbing in old-school challenger series jungler ‘Kez’. With little if not no improvement made in the past couple of weeks, Echo Fox is dropping game after game after game.

When it comes to beating lower tier teams like NRG, P1, Echo Fox and Apex, Immortals is where you should put your money. I feel like Immortals is the best newbie crushing team in the NA LCS. While the odds are heavily for the Immortals, one can gain more return while minimizing their risk by betting for the winners of each map rather than the series.

Predictions: Immortals 70% | Echo Fox 30% (2-0 Immortals)

Bet: Medium Immortals Map 1 and/or Map 2