Immortals vs. NRG Esports – NA LCS week 8 – Previews & predictions

Immortals vs NRG

Immortals continue to dominate the NA LCS standings, and further solidify their playoff bye after defeating CLG and Echo Fox last week. NRG on the other hand continue to demonstrate an awkward mix of results; losing to Phoenix 1 but beating Team Envy.

Immortals vs. NRG is a classic example of a crowd favourite vs. an underdog. The Immortals have established themselves as a very well rounded team, with carries in every single role alongside unrelenting from their jungler and support. Immortals have been polishing their gameplay; punching out some very clean and systematic league of legends, with high KDAs, dragon control and short(er) game times.

As the weeks progress, NRG are moulding themselves into a very dangerous team identity. Very reminiscent of the 2014/15 TSM line-up, NRG is heavily dependent on GBM pulling ahead, placing Santorin and the NRG bot-lane into very supportive/fodder positions. When GBM starts poppin’ off, NRG are able to play around his high-damage, control-mage champions. But. If GBM falls behind, the whole team slumps.

Immortals possess all the qualities and characteristics of a team to bet for. I will always favour the well-rounded team that doesn’t play around one single player.

Prediction: Immortals 70% | NRG Esports 30%

Bet: Immortals (Series and/or Map 2)