Immortals vs. TSM – NA LCS week 9 – Previews & predictions

Immortals vs tsm

The. Game. Of. The. Split. TSM vs. Immortals. Want to walk into playoffs with conviction and confidence? Want to prove that you’re the best team in NA? Want to grab the hearts of fans and casters? Then win.

In the top-lane match up we have NA’s heavyweights Huni and Hauntzer. Both top laners are very similar in their play style, that is, they love to fight, consume less resources and while dishing out ‘tons of damage’. The main difference between Huni and Hauntzer is that Huni is prone to get more kills, while dying a lot more. It is evident that Huni can be both a huge play maker, a sponge or perhaps a feeder.

Sven was hailed as the most aggressive jungler that Doublelift had ever seen. Sven matured this aggression into both suppressing the enemy jungler while boosting his team. Sven participates in first blood the most out of all NA junglers. But Reignover on the other hand has an extremely high kill participation. So will Sven push the advantage or will Reignover take over the game?

Bjerg and Pob are both monsters in the mid lane. They tick all the boxes of playing at the highest level. This is a clash between two of the most consistent mid-laners in NA. The most important aspect of this matchup is what champions will be chosen; whether Malzhar slips through champ select, the availability of Taliyah or will they fall to default picks like Viktor and Azir?

Overall, this is an extremely close matchup and the odds are going to show for it. Both teams are equally likely to win. Immortals haven’t dropped the ball at all since they lost to TSM, while TSM are equally as solid (we’ll just kick the Phoenix1 game under the fridge).

Prediction: Immortals 50% | TSM 50% (I’m gonna have to go with TSM slipping a win and continuing their dominance)