Immortals win IBP Invitational

ibp-invitationalTeam Immortals emerged as the winner in the Ibuypower Invitational tournament 2016. The tournament was a single elimination Best of three matchup.


The Semi finals showed the biggest upset of the tournament; which saw SK losing to Optic. Optic proceeded to the finals against Team Immortals. The finals had Train, Cache and Dust2 as the maps. Train was Immortals map pick, while Cache was Opticś. Optic did manage to win Cache in Overtime; but overall the Brazilians looked much better in their aim. They comfortably won the series 2-1.



Felps ws the MVP of the finals as he had a massive +33 KDA in the best of three series. The Brazilians really had a very good performance and they deserved to win; especially as their counterparts of SK were not playing their best level.