Immortals win IBP Masters 2016

IBP Invitational


Immortals won the IbuyPower CSGO Invitational 2016 tournament that recently concluded on 13th of November 2016. The Immortals team has been one of the most organised team to have played in the tournament. The format of the tournament saw the teams being divided into two groups of four teams each. The format was double elimination of GSL Style.


Immortals and Cloud9 were the toppers of their respective groups. Immortals and Cloud9 were matched up in the finals against each other. The first map was Cache which is one of the strongest maps for Immortals. Their performance was decent on the Terrorist side, but they really shut down CLoud9 on their CT side. Cloud9 were simply unable to get a single round on their Terrorist side.


Cloud9 had chosen Train as the second map. Train has consistently been one of the best maps for Cloud9. They have a deep understanding on the map, Their terrorist side has been wonderful with some amazing gameplay by Stewie2k.

The third map however was quite different from Train, with Immortals shutting down Cloud9 totally. They had a 11-4 shift and after that it was only a matter of time for them to win the map.

Immortals won $20000 due to them securing the first place. Cloud9 , the runners-up came second with $15,000. Tyloo and Faze Clan came 3rd and 4th with a purse of $12,500.


The more important aspect about them securing the top four position however is that they all have qualified for IEM Oakland to be held on the 16th of November 2016 till 20th of November 2016.


The prize pool for IEM Oakland is $300,000. We will cover the event and also post a preview of the tournament. Stay tuned