IMT reportedly locked out of NA LCS 2018

According to ESPN, Riot will not be accepting Immortals


As many know, Riot will transform the 2018 NA LCS format into a League based system. This will mean only Riot approved teams will gain entry to the league, this will primarily be used to control teams.

A report has been published by ESPN detailing sources close to Riot / Immortals showing IMT will not be one of the teams to join the 2018 NA LCS League. This has been blamed due to Immortal’s growing contribution to the Overwatch scene, where the team is adjusting it’s focus away from League. While other organisations that have been leaked to enter the NA LCS too contribute to other games, IMT has been accepted into the Overwatch League, the scene that is set to rival the 2018 esports market.

Immortals has shown to be one of NA’s greatest teams, by failing to join the NA LCS, this will likely force the organisation completely out of competitive LoL, instead focusing on Overwatch.