Inori on how Meteos took his position

Due to personal reasons Inori took time off, only to get replaced by Meteos

Due to personal matter which forced Phoenix 1’s starting jungler Rami “Inori” Charagh home, Meteos agreed with the team to act as a substitute and replace Inori. However, Inori has now return and the deal between Meteos and P1 has caused a fairly large conundrum.

Inori has returned to Vancouver to take care of a personal matter, and therefore cannot participate in this weekend’s matches

Fortunately, William ‘Meteos’ Hartman has graciously agreed to sub in for our team on extremely short notice. He even cleared his schedule to scrim with our team this week. A huge thank you to Meteos, and I hope everyone reading this cheers him on this weekend.

While an initial chock for many and a loss for many cloud 9 fans when Meteos decided to leave the team and join Phoenix 1, the transfers has caused further tensions between Inori, him and the team. It is believed that Inori will not be completely replaced by Meteos, but instead share the role with the veteran player. While hard on Inori, considering there is a possibility of being replaced, (since Meteo’s contract is likely worth much higher than Inoris’), Inori claims that he is treating this as an opportunity to learn and improve as a player.

“And I realize more as I was watching Meteos play that I can learn a lot from him so I’m happy that I get the opportunity to try and learn as much as I can from Meteos and improve as much as I can as a player.”