Internethulk has joined Rogue as coach

Internethulk announced recently on ChanmanV’s “theOverview” about his new team

Former star player Internethulk and current coach ‘Internethulk’ will be joining Rogue’s Overwatch team as coach. This came to a shock to many, as he previously announced publicly that he would be the coach for rival Overwatch team, “Laser Kittenz”. He mentions that Rogue offered him the coaching position shortly after, which he gratefully accepted and promised to try his best to win the upcoming Apex tournament.

As he basically dumped Laser Kittenz,  he apologized to fan and mentions that he appticiated the offer from the team. However, there will be no legal consequences as he had yet to officially sign the contract with the team. This in affect means he was still a free agent when he announced that he would join LaserKittenz, giving him the flexibility to sign to with other teams.

In a statement, Internethulk thanks Rogue for giving the opportunity, as he isn’t fluent on French, the main language many of the players speak. It is believed that he had joined Rogue to defeat his former team Envy US, the long standing rival of Rogue. This is extremely likely, as the difference of success between LaserKittenz and Rogue isn’t too big