Internethulk interview prior to E League Overwatch Open



Pro Overwatch recently had an interview with Internethulk of Team EnVyUs. Team EnVyUs is the number one team in the competitive Overwatch scene.


Excerpts from the Interview :


You played Hollywood, Hanamura and Gibraltar against Iceland in the World Cup and won 3-0. Did you expect it to be that easy?
We were happy to draw Iceland. We actually expected to win 3-0, but we didn’t practice against them beforehand or watched their matches. It’s always hard to predict when there’s no team play. With these scrambled teams individual skill is very important and you never know how good teams really are. We didn’t underestimate Iceland, but we expected the 3-0.
Speaking of Sweden and Finland, who are your favorites for the Overwatch World Cup?
Sweden, Finland and America should be good. Other than that, concerning Asian teams, I don’t really know how good they actually are. As for Germany, we’ll have to see. We have a couple of days of preparation beforehand so we have to make good use of that. Spain, Sweden, Finland and America should be very good and maybe China, seeing as they are attending with NGA, a full team.
What are your thoughts on the Triple-Tank-/Ana-/NiP-comp, seeing as you don’t seem to play it as much and what are the counters to it?
In team Germany we have different views on how to play against it, so we didn’t play what I would’ve played against Iceland for example. On the first point, Hollywood, against the Triple-Tank-Ana we just hid in the café, which I am not a fan of. In general, against Triple-tank a lot of people advice to not play Junkrat or Symmetra and not to spam, but I think playing very aggressive is better. Even when Ana gets an early ultimate, the chances of getting a kill or heavily damaging your opponents, before they go in, is so high that the only thing you really have to worry about is dealing with an Ana-ulted Reinhardt, which is generally possible with decent CC like Roadhog, Junkrat or Mei. You just have to play together. Other than that I like Mei, Reaper, McCree, Triple-DPS, but it’s map dependent. You can do that on King’s Row for example. Against Iceland we used Zenyatta with Tracer, Genji and Winston to dive the backline, which works against uncoordinated teams with little team play or inexperienced support-players, but won’t work against good opponents. We’ll probably play something different going forward.
You touched on the Asian scene with the World Cup. In America they played in a couple of cups and had decent showings. How will the Asian scene develop?
We recently played LuxuryWatch, allegedly one of the better teams, and we absolutely destroyed them. Of course there is a ping difference, but the impact isn’t that big. I think their scene is still behind, but they will catch up in the long run due to superior infrastructure. When you are a pro in America or Europe you want to practice eight to ten hours a day, but at some point everybody wants to have some free time, go to the gym, live your life, but in Asia they just go super-ham. For them the game is everything and if you invest so much time into one thing, you will get good at it eventually. They proved it in League of Legends and StarCraf,t but on the other hand they didn’t prove it in Shooters yet. In the long run I still think they will get extremely strong, especially since the game is already hugely popular in internet cafés.
Monte and DoA are going to be casting the new OGN tournament, which will introduce its own pro circuit with four invites alongside a South Korean amateur division. Anders and Semmler have also been casting Overwatch. What do you think about these big names entering the Overwatch scene?
I am really looking forward to having MonteCristo and DoA cast Overwatch matches. They are hugely popular for a reason. Looking across all games, Monte and DoA are by far the best casters – even better than Artosis and Tasteless in my opinion. Regarding people like Anders and Semmler, I am 50/50. It is of course great that they are introducing their fans to Overwatch, but it is also a pity that the talents from within the scene are not going to get the chance of casting the matches in ELEAGUE. People like ZP have been working really hard to move the Overwatch scene forward. At gamescom, when the first really big tournament happened, he was not invited to cast though. I know he is not the very best caster, but he’s a community figure and he knows what he is talking about. It would be great to know that his efforts would be better rewarded.
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And who do you expect to make it out of the other groups?
I think Fnatic and Cloud9 are going to make it out of their group, while Immortals and Method will be eliminated. In the last one Rogue and Misfits are going to make it. ANOX and Luminosity will not.
Which teams are your favorites for the whole tournament?
For the NA part we should be the clear favorites. On the Europe side of things it is a little bit trickier. Rogue or REUNITED would be the safest bet, but FaZe, LG and Misfits could all surprise depending on their practice.