Interview : Anders


Anders Blume is not only one-half of the most prolific duos in Counter-Strike casting (alongside co-caster Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat, he’s also one of the most influential voices in CSGO as a whole. He’s been working with ELEAGUE to bring CounterStrike to a wider audience on TBS and Twitch, and is now preparing for the Season 2 playoffs of ELEAGUE, and the ELEAGUE major in January.

We caught up with Anders as he makes his final preparations to get his predictions, chat a bit about ELEAGUE’s projects, and more.

What’s it been like bringing CSGO to a more mainstream audience with Turner?

Honestly, everything so far in working with Turner has been an honor. I think the product we have created together is a very strong one and I think it has successfully opened many people’s eyes to what esports can be.

Who’s the team to look out for heading into the ELEAGUE playoffs?

I mean, SK look like they are back in great shape right now, but they are also the obvious choice, the other being maybe Virtus.Pro who always appear to be dangerous playing in a LAN environment. I am going to go with the meme, though, and pick Astralis. They’ve had a bit more time to fit in Gla1ve.

What team has surprised you the most throughout both seasons of ELEAGUE and why?

Probably OpTic Gaming. Even now, when I look at the roster, I think to myself “there is just no way this works,” but it obviously does, and its pretty exciting to watch! The mix of players just doesn’t appear like it should be functional at all. In a lot of ways that team should be a lesson to every other team of how much can be achieved in CS:GO, if you can just keep a little bit of focus and pull in the same direction.

You’ve also cast some Overwatch with ELEAGUE – what was that experience like, and what do you think Blizzard could do to improve the spectator experience?

I really enjoyed casting Overwatch actually, it was a really big win for me personally to even be able to cast another game, which I haven’t done before. It was even better because Blizzard actually had developers on-site to talk and discuss the game and the spectating experience that you’re asking about. Like I expected, a lot of the complaints or ideas I had fell within the realm of “we are already working on this,” which is, of course, good news. I still would like to continue to lend whatever viewpoints I can to the process of making Overwatch more spectator-friendly, but for now, I think it’s worth it to just wait and see because it is my understanding that a lot of work is already happening.

Semmler’s been your co-caster for quite awhile now. Was the chemistry the two of you display on screen a conscious effort, or did it come naturally? What do you think defines the two of you as a duo?

I don’t think it would be possible to fake chemistry past a certain point, and certainly not for that long. The people watching are smart enough to be able to see if we are just putting on an act. As far as what defines us, I am not really sure – I guess we both just enjoy the game, and we enjoy talking about it and sharing that love with as many people as will want to watch. We have fun, and we like people to join in that fun.

Lastly, what’s the biggest storyline you’re looking forward to heading into the ELEAGUE Major in January?

The ELEAGUE major is going to be incredibly difficult from a predictions point of view. It will happen right after a Christmas break, where we have to assume many players will unplug mouse and keyboard and just have some family time. There are also a lot of question marks regarding some of the big teams, Na’Vi and VP being two, but nobody knows if Astralis can properly straighten themselves out in time for the big show. At this point, there are so many great teams that still have to re-qualify in December, so the storylines will be built from then until the end of January.

Here is what it boils down to for me. If G2 or EnVyUs does not step up for this event, we have to assume we will be having another “French Revolution,” and we all know how those go. But look at the complete mess that is the Danish scene: Dignitas and Astralis look good, but not rock solid. And the up-and-coming talent in the Danish scene is just becoming too much now. I mean too much in the sense that it threatens the stability of the top teams because it becomes a huge temptation to pick these youngsters up. They are still learning a lot about the game. It’s all very exciting, and a lot will be decided based on how well these teams do in January.

Source – PVPLive