Interview : CajunB

dignitas came back from a 4-11 CT side on Nuke

In the following interview, René “cajunb” Borg talks about goals at the Pro League Finals considering their success as of late, the close Nuke battle versus NiP and more:

Winning the last couple of events, WESG Regional Finals and EPICENTER, you’ve climbed up the ranks a lot, where do you see yourselves stand here in Brazil?

I don’t think we’re the clear favourites at this event, but we are at least one of the favourites here. I expect us at least to go to the semi-finals, and from there we’ll see how far we can go.

The top-tier scene is more even than ever at the moment, the last several big events all had different winners, what do you account it to?

The reason for that could be that everyone is grinding right now, and teams fit each others playstyle differently. We like to play against people who play kinda slow, like NiP for example, they play very structured, and we like to play that kind of teams. Some teams just prefer playing against structured teams, other teams would rather play fast-paced teams.

Your group is pretty tough, SK, FaZe and Cloud9 are left, what are your expectations for this group specificaly, since it’s a big variety of match-ups?

I expect us to go through the group, but to be honest I don’t care – of course I wanna go first from the group, but even if we get second or third, I still expect us to go to the semi-finals.

I’d like to ask about the last match yesterday, the close Nuke against NiP. You started poorly, only getting four rounds as CT, what went wrong as CT and why were you able to climb back as T?

The CT side was kinda sloppy from our side. The main reason why we lost so many rounds was because we tried to adapt too much to their playstyle, and not play the way we normally do. So, in this game we shouldn’t have adapted that much, we should’ve just kept our own playstyle. And the T side, we know exactly how they play on the CT side. And I guess they know exactly how we play on the CT side as well. We know that if I go yard in the early rounds, we know they won’t have an AWP, so at the start I have a lot of map control, which is one of the reasons why we can get so much before they realize I’m outside with an AWP and I can just rush towards them without them peeking me.

As the team who likes to play Nuke the most, what do you think about the map? Is it as CT sided as people believe it to be?

If people watched this match, I think we both can say it’s not as CT sided as you might think. You just have to learn the map and grind the map a lot, but it’s not a CT sided map, no.