Interview : Celtic’s Jonas Jerebko about eSports.


Celt’s player Jonas Jerebko was on his way to shoot a promo for the eSports franchise Renegades.


“I was a little nervous — not going to lie,” he said prior to Tuesday’s practice. “But it was great for me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.”

“I think it’s a sport of the future,” Jerebko said. “It’s not just the future, it’s now if you look at how many people who watch.”

“I say esports is definitely a sport,” he assured. “I’ve seen how much time they’ve put in. If you play video games, it’s not like 40 percent are going to turn professional. It’s that one percent who are committed, and put in the work, and put in the training. It takes a lot to become one of that one percent.

“I, obviously, know what it takes to become a professional athlete. In many of those games it’s a team game. I am trying to implement that into that world. It’s new to 90 percent of the population. But I think the bigger it gets the more people will see it’s pretty crazy and something real.”

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