Interview : Disco Doplan



In just a few hours Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun will make his LAN debut for Fnatic in Atlanta. ELEAGUE is the perfect testing ground for the new team and Doplan is eager to make his mark. We sat down with him to talk about his career so far, joining Fnatic and Group D.

It’s been a crazy few weeks for you Joakim, how has your time in Fnatic been so far?

It’s been great. It has been a bit messy coming in with a new team, I had my role and comfort zone set in Epsilon and to play with new players will take some time for me to settle.

There has been a lot of hype around you for a while now, do you feel any pressure to live up to that in Fnatic?

I wouldn’t say pressure but of course it’s somewhat of a responsibility to play for such a big name as Fnatic as well as to perform besides the legends in the team. It is my job to show them they made the right call in picking me.

What does it mean for you to be putting on the Fnatic jersey and to be playing at this level of Counter-Strike?

It means a lot, I’ve been playing CS for a long time and I’ve always wanted to play for a big team. This is my time to shine 😉

What has been the best part of your pro-gaming journey so far?

I would have to say that my pro-gaming journey just begun and ELEAGUE is very big for me. Travelling to the US and to compete in a televised tournament is really big coming from a tier 2 team.

Have you managed to fall into a specific role within the team yet or are you still trying new things?

I wouldn’t say that we play that much around roles, it differs from maps and days. Especially when it comes to the AWPing, we can all use the AWP very well and whoever has a good day with it will play it.

How has your transition been to the squad? Have you adjusted to the practice schedule & tactics?

Schedule doesn’t differ that much to what we had in Epsilon, maybe slightly more intense. When it comes to tactics we started everything from scratch as we have such a new lineup with both me and Krimz joining only a few weeks ago.

ELEAGUE will be your first offline event with the squad, how are you feeling heading in Group D?

The feeling is good, we have a lot of firepower and Jumpy is coming in great as a stand in. We’ve done some practice here on site and were doing progress fast.

Who do you feel will be your biggest competition this weekend in Atlanta?

Probably dignitas, but all teams are good and will put up a fight.

You aren’t at full strength this weekend as Dennis is unable to attend. How are things going with Jumpy and do you feel you guys will be able to come out on top in the group?

I think that if the rest of us do what we do best, we should have a good shot at winning the group. Jumpy is a smart player and even though hes not dropping 30-bombs he contributes a lot and sets up plays for the rest of us.

What are your personal expectations for the group-stage?

It’s really hard to say but not advancing to playoffs would be disappointing, to say the least.

Best of luck in ELEAGUE this weekend, do you have any closing words?

I’d like to thank all the disco and Fnatic fans out there, supporting me and my team means a lot to us.