Interview : Dosia


Let’s start with the first map, on Mirage you had a rough start, you were kinda shut down by Cloud9, how did you recover after that?

Our understanding was that the first map was totally theirs, so we tried really hard but we knew they were a strong side. On the second one we were totally ready for it because it is definitely our map.

So what do you think worked so well against them on Cobblestone? How did you shut them down 16-2, that’s a massive results?

We felt like gods on the second map, so when it turned on, we showed that.

Let’s talk a bit about the latest roster change, you picked up Zeus and HObbit. Why did the change happen, what was the thinking behind it?

We kinda mixed up all the new blood and we got new strategies, new views – a new-old view from Zeus and totally new blood from HObbit.

Dosia feels like they have no time to spare preparing for the Major

You played Cache at this tournament, a map you played in the past but Zeus is not really renowned for playing it. Did you practice it at all?

We play Cache sometimes, from time to time, but in tournaments it’s not always about gaining the win, it’s sometimes about losing and making the best out of it.

You have the Major spot so you have a lot of free time, let’s say, to prepare. How does that feel, not going to the Minor, qualifiers and all that, does it give maybe too much free time so you get relaxed?

We don’t have any free time. We are a new team and we have a lot of things that we have to learn, work together, play together, so we have a lot of things to go on and do. We don’t have any time for rest.

AdreN has been showing great form now, we rarely see older players dipping down and coming back up like that. Do you have any explanation why he is playing so good right now?

Probably a lot of things, the team changed, the players changed, his mood changed – basically, we set our goals for next year and we know where we are going. Sometimes when you put specific goals you are playing better.

Source : HLTV