Interview : Eleague GM



Eleague has been instrumental in bringing eSports into the mainstream media. They have been airing Eleague Season 1 and 2 on the Turner Broadcasting System. Scoreesports spoke with Eleague general manager Christina Alejandre on getting sponsors into the eSports industry.

She said the big brands aren’t naive about what they need to do to be taken seriously by esports audience. “They know this community could feasibly just eat you up and spit you out,” she said. “[Esports fans] have a BS detector. They will sniff it out if they think it is … just this non-endemic brand coming in and slapping their name on it and not really kind of getting it. Arby’s didn’t want to put themselves in that situation, and none of our sponsors wanted to put themselves in that situation.”


ELEAGUE’s market research supported their findings, showing that the ads drove an increase in likability in the target audience. Alejandre said that their success with Arby’s was a big stepping stone for the league, and it helped them convince Snickers to sign on for Season 2.

“I think other non-endemic sponsors were seeing that Arby’s literally went all in, and instead of dancing around it, maybe we should go all in as well,” she said. “… I think more non-endemic brands need to realize that and jump all in, because I think dipping your toe in does kind of pose that risk of you not really getting integrated.”


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Source : TheScoreEsports