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Entity Esports recently formed from the amalgamation of two of India’s top DotA 2 teams – Beyond Infinity and Invisible Wings. It was a step taken in order to fuel the country’s reach into global E-Sports and was a necessary one, if you ask me. I had the chance to talk with Crowley, who is the mid laner for Entity Esports about life post the formation of the new team and how things ended with Invisible Wings. Here’s how it went:

Hello Crowley! Been a few days since your transition to Entity Esports. How have the initial days been and what is the biggest change you feel?

Hi! It’s going good, initial days are passing by getting used to the 7-8 am wake up time going on here, Change from the last team and now is environment and bootcamp is a lot more comfortable than before. It’s going smooth for now in terms of performance, we’re doing fairy well, haven’t started full fledged scrimming yet but a lot of the players have almost played multiple roles before, only A35 has played offlane his entire life I believe, rest all pretty diverse and open minded to ideas.



It’ll only get better I’m sure. Before we ahead, let’s look back a few weeks. You guys ended your IW careers with a bang, going out with 2 successive tournament wins. How did you pull that off?!


We had a lot of bad stuff going on, DotA ideas didn’t match anymore, focusing outside India was just a dream with that lineup when BI was around. Bit by bit playstyle and ideas were just circulated around BI and their style of DotA. Actually us losing to them kinda put a lot of stuff into our heads. Truth be told, I think we were the better team in terms of skill but always lost..and watching the replay didn’t help us learn anything. It just made us feel like how bad we must be to lose like this. We didn’t enjoy DotA together anymore. So when Entity formed, we took a break and didn’t see each others face till TE. Just a day before TE, you could say I sorted stuff with Prophecy. There some toxic scenarios going on at the moment. But in the end we had a common goal to I guess there’s that! Fun fact: we almost lost to Dare2Dream (PoC of the old times) in our first match! No disrespect to PoC/D2D but we expected no competition other than BI even though we were not together for 2 weeks. I was very happy after the Taiwan Cup. It was probably my first win in few months and after the tilt from challenger I needed a recovery. I used to think of myself as a non tiltable person but DotA does it to you. Just needed to win once again to feel confident for the 5 of us to be playing again. As for Dew, I didn’t even feel a thing after winning. Even though everyone thought BI is out to take Dew cause they had their way with us in the groups. 18mins I believe. Draft was out of synergy, we were sleepy, I lost lane, an Undying was missing from the map for like 3 mins after destroying safe lane, it was a trigger worthy game. We learned that as a team our co-ordination doesn’t exist anymore. We had to play YOLO like it was a pub game and that’s what we did. We picked Drow and stuff in that game and got destroyed like a 4k pub. But got our stuff together before finals. Played a YOLO Tiny and a broken ass OD. My team played very mad too. No complaints.Was fun going out with a win! My preparations for the tourney was only spamming solo MMR, i actually gained 3 kilos dodging gym and eating junk just trying hard before those two events!

Well if that works so well, I’d suggest put on a few more kgs. You’ll soon get to TI! Coming back to Entity, how’s it work? So you guys discuss the drafts or is No_Chanc3’s decision final? And what about the in game calls?

No shit, had a thought about it too! ? Normally everyone has some say in the draft, we have a bit of putting our noses into the draft which kinda tilts No_Chanc3, so nowadays I just ask for my hero in the later stages of the draft. Mainly everything draft and call related is no chance. That ship is sailed for me, my brain isn’t educated enough to handle draft calling and play mid lane.



So what’s your routine like at the Entity Esports gaming house?

Wake up at 7 30 am, (I’ve managed to do that MOST OF THE DAYS, NoKappa) breakfast shower and ready by 9 30. SOlo MMR till 3-4 pm followed by scrims till dinner. 11 pm lights out!



11 pm lights out. That must be difficult for you! Let’s get to the goals. What are the short term goals of this team?

We want to be competing outside India at a higher level consistently. Hopefully we’ll be more consistent in SEA tournaments.

 Coming to you. How are you linking the current meta?

I don’t know man…there are Drows, ODs, Oracles, omnis and Pudges. Very diverse. Every team has their good heroes. i think a best of 1 situation with this patch is very hard!

 But its surely better that OD-Omni-Spectre 6.86, right?

 don’t know man. That meta was boring. Pubs were very luck oriented on who got first pick. Game is very diverse nowadays with bans and almost every hero being viable, especially that alien ass hero (Arc Warden).  Wings were the one to figure out the patch which was play every hero in the book! They even picked Pudge when it wasn’t cool even though they lost all games with it. Meta is random shit at the moment!



You’re traveling to Malaysia for the ASUS ROG Masters where the likes of Fnatic and Secret will be present as well. What are your expectations for the event?

Really excited going for the event! I don’t really know what to expect, with passport work and stuff we’ve only started practicing until few days ago so too soon for me to comment about performance. Also we will have one top seed in our group. Looking forward to that game!



Pleasure talking to you as always Crowley! Any shoutouts?

Shootout to brothers sisters MaG Gamings, AFK Gamings and all the assasins!

All of us wish Crowley and Entity Esports all the best and we hope they take India on the map of global E-Sports!

Source : Mag Gaming