Interview : Flusha

Godsent recently managed to defeat Hellraisers in the finals of the EU Minors. With this they secured their spot at the ELeague Major 2017.


HLTV managed to talk to Flusha post the win.


I’m gonna start with the last match. The first two maps were pretty close and then in the last one it seemed like you were gonna close it out, you were in a big lead going into the CT side of cache and it just didn’t happen – again. What was going on there, why couldn’t you close it out on CT?

It’s like, all of this tournament we’ve been choking, making mistakes over and over again – one round we play perfect CS and the next one we know exactly what they are going to do and just fail anyways. But T side cache we should’ve won more rounds probably but every time they took a pause we were like: “they are going to do something crazy” and we change up our game – instead of just going what we should’ve done.

On CT side, I don’t know, it’s hard to say – it happens in inexperienced teams, but we shouldn’t be inexperienced. So I guess we just have to practice more.

One of the things you’ve been mentioning on social media on this tournament and some tournaments before is the double headset issue. Can you explain to the average viewer that doesn’t understand – what’s the problem there?

Honestly like in 2013 we played with double headsets and then it was OK because no tournaments had headsets with a mic on and noise canceling. Now we go to like 8 out of 10 tournaments where they have the mic on the headphones so it’s just different going to event that doesn’t have it. And everything else is perfect except for some minor issues. (about the double headset again) It’s like, you can’t breathe sometimes and the mic is in front of your screen… it’s just annoying.

flusha doesn’t think Epsilon will be picked apart any time soon

You also played two matches against Epsilon so you have got to know how they play, their players and stuff. Do you have any thoughts on the team, do they have a chance to move up the ranks or do you just think they are going to be picked off like disco doplan?

No honestly I think that all the Swedish top teams are set with their lineups for a while at least. So if they start practicing with kalle and keep going like they are doing it’s going to be really, really good. REZ, he was playing so good this tournament, he was the one that shut us down, who made the match against Epsilon so close.

Your coach rdl – what does he do for the team and how much of an impact did he have on this victory?

He focuses on the stuff we shouldn’t have to learn, like he knows where all off their players are, all of their positions on all of the maps. He checks what maps they play, what we should veto. He’s taking of the work load from us, so we don’t have to do much preparing for the team, just focus on our own thing.

Last question, moving back from fnatic without pronax you are now in GODSENT with pronax, so how has it been going back to a team where you don’t have to call and you have someone that really wants to do it?

It’s struggling at times, sometimes I just want to call because I see what the opponent doesn’t do correctly. And like, my calling style is more simple meanwhile he is overall focused on the whole map, he sees the whole thing. I don’t know, it’s nice not having to call as much but still sometimes I just want to do it.



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