Interview : FNG

fng-dota21) Why did the reshuffle happen?

FNG: Iceberg is the type of person who cannot play in a team if he has issues with one of the people. He was involved in several arguments and that’s why he was kicked. I was simply replaced for a stronger player

2) Did you have plans to keep going with your previous Vega roster?

FNG: Potentially, yes. All of the guys play very well actually. Our squad was very individually skilled, but it takes time to achieve the full potential. There were some players in my team, who believed that it was best for us to train individually; however, I am the kind of guy who believes that a team has to develop as one unit

3) When did you receive invitation from Vega to join their team after VP disband?

FNG: I dont really remember but it took about a couple of days to two weeks. I received several other offers but ultimately they were the best choice for me

4) Why did Vega appoint you as the captain of the team when it always used to be Cema?

FNG: Cema wasn’t really considered a captain of the team, mostly because he didn’t want to. Solo shotcalled for the most part, and sometimes Mag would step in as well.

5) Did you have any personnel to aid you with the game?

FNG: We had a coach, analyst and psychologist.

6) What was Vega’s weakest and strongest side?

FNG: We executed strats with multiple cores very well. However, if the enemy raped our lanes or constantly aplied a constant pressure on the game then we crumbled

7) Is it true that FN is a hard person to deal with?

FNG: He defintily is but thats not to say that he can’t become a good player/person in the future

8) Why did we throw games?

FNG: We couldn’t figure out who was at fault. I guess I was the leader, so the blame has to be on me. Our porblem during the game was that we dicsussed the past mistakes we did in the earlier stages and not focus so much on what to do next

9) You were so close to making it to playoffs of the Major. What are some of the things you lacked in your opinion?

FNG: We bootcamped for about two months, but it wasn’t very effective. We didn’t display good team synergy or draft well rounded line ups. For example, we lost every single game against Luna + SD. However, even with that in mind, we would make it to playoffs if we didnt lose to outsiders like F5

10) What do you think about EU teams playing in American qualifiers?

FNG: I don’t really think that teams acted unethically. Even though I am not critical about the situation, some rules and restrictions must still be played, and as far as I know Valve is working on them right now in preparation of the next major.

11) At the next major, CIS will exclusively have their own regional qualifiers. Is it good or bad for our teams?

FNG: It really depends if one of our squads will be directly invited to the event. For example, if VP will tear the house down then of course it will be very good for us. However, if that doesn’t happen and we won’t have a powerhouse, then our teams will be forced to play against each other at an average level of pro dota and not practice against stronger teams

12) What do you think about Boston Major?

I really dislike the new single elimination mode (for obvious reasons). In my opinion, EG and Newbee will come out on top. I am scared for our VP boys. This is the kind of team who can lose a bo3 and come back stronger, but this Major wont allow them to recover

13) Why did Vega sign God over Iceberg?

FNG: Reshuffle season was coming to an end and God was really undecided on what he wanted to do, so we just took in Iceberg

14) What do you think about Navi’s reshuffle?

FNG: Their fate lies on management’s desire to succeed. They can do the same thing as VP, take in a bunch of skilled young guys to attract a strong leader. Don’t ask me why they decided to keep Dendi and General over Sonneiko, their players and the management are the only people who know the answer

15) Do you think Navi will ruin some of the CIS teams?

FNG: I won’t be surprised if they are looking for players in EU like they mentioned. Even if they are eyeing CIS players, I dont think they can do that because Navi is no longer considered a giant

16) Will you agree to join Navi if they make you an offer?

FNG: I’ve had a discussion with them. I gave them my perspective of things and they did the same. They are currently analyzing all the available option right now and then maybe they will contact me again