Interview : Garter


Andrey: Hello, Garter. Last time you gave an interview in 2011. What changed in your life since then?

Garter: Hiho. I quit dota for like almost 2 years after 2011 so I wasn’t kinda in the spotlight anymore I guess. I was trying to work a bit on myself as a person and I think it was well worth it.


Andrey: What did you do? Maybe you had found job, or just thinking about life?

Garter: Not really, I was working in myself. I was quite the ‘rager’ back then so I didn’t really like myself. So even though I was in a really good shape mechanically and career-wise I just took over 1 year off and calmed down – did some other things, spent more time away from PC etc.


Andrey: Back in 2011 you played in The A-Team with such legendary players as Vigoss and Vein. Also you played with PGG, who is one of the analysts of RuHub studio today. Do you keep in touch with them still now?

Garter: I lost contact with Vigoss recently but I consider them both cool guys and friends so even though we are not in contact right now I think we are still in good terms – especially with Vigoss. He was like my first best friend that I spent time even at LANs with.


Andrey: Do you miss those old days now ?

Garter: I mean I miss the days with the guys like pgg, Vigoss, G, etc at Paris ESWC 2011 but nothing else really.


Andrey: Ok, talking about real time: You are in 7th place for solo rank on the leaderboard now. Your rating has been increasing just nonstop, and all pub players want do the same. What advise can you give them?

Garter: Well, I think the most important part about ranking up is that you need to play nonstop – even if you have bad days – unless you are tilted. This works for every player I know that has 8k+ MMR. Also play heroes you are most comfortable with or OP heroes kappa.


Andrey: Nice, what can you say about the Albanian Dota scene or even some LANs? Beacuse I really know just 2 Albanian players: you and twista.

Garter: Well twista is Albanian but he lives in Norway – same with era he lives in Sweden and I don’t think he even knows Albanian. The Albanian scene itself is filled with lazy people SCUTA gaming 2012 gave them chance by playing in Paris LAN as a national team but they didn’t do so well and gave up. The same happened just last year when a new org came up named Madness and made a bootcamp for 5 players but it failed in a month, so now there’s an LoL team there for a year instead of Dota.


Andrey: Talking about pubs, you probably played with the Miracle enough times. Is he really an over-skilled player, as everyone talks about?

Garter: There are a couple players that are insanely skilled as individuals just like Miracle -but in the end Dota is 5v5 so if two 4k players come mid and you are 9k they still crush you because that’s how it works. So in the end its just who plays better with the team that’s the better player. But of course I have respect for Miracle and all other high MMR + good players like arteezy, faith bian, etc.


Andrey: A little less than a year ago you joined Prodota Gaming. How did you really get there?

Garter: I got to Prodota Gaming by arszeeq which I am thankful for. We did well together but some things we didn’t agree on and ended up parting ways. I stayed with Prodota Gaming for a lot of reasons and one of the reasons was that it was easy for me to be transparent with the CEO/manager and the players I played with. I enjoyed it so it was enough.


Andrey: Tell us please a few words about teammates, manager, organization etc.

Garter: As teammates and with me as captain I think we are a bit stressed. We take every game super serious so that might not be the best but we are working on this. The org and manager are ok xpeh is boss and Ivan is just a cool guy who is always helping us with everything we need pretty much.


Andrey: For the last six months Prodota Gaming won huge amount of tier2 tournaments, and it’s obvious that you have a chance to become tier 1. Do you believe someday you will lift the International Aegis above your head?
Garter: Well, we are taking things step by step. Yes every players dream is to go to TI and place high but right now we are at this point where we can break into becoming a T1 team easily or we can be T2 forever. Depending on the amount of work we will put in meaning scrims, pubs etc we will have the results. I’m sure if we work hard we can get there. To be honest, most of teams we scrimmed before they went to TI we won but it’s like we just had so many roster changes that disabled us to be successful but I think we are ok now!


Andrey: Are you a friendly team? I mean non-game relationships, or just it’s like a job?
Garter: We are friendly for sure and I was friendly with my previous teammates too – and some of them were REALLY good friends but in the end decisions are just like in any job. If you don’t perform, you don’t practice , you don’t improve then you can get removed, replaced or something along the way.


Andrey: Moving on to future tournaments, are you guys planning to bootcamp for the Major?
Garter: Yeah, probably. I’m already looking for a place. I’m talking to cwm right now and he’s afraid to come here so maybe we have to relocate ?
Andrey: Have you seen your teammates in real life yet?
Garter: I think I have seen CWM, but I don’t think I have seen others. If you mean in terms of seeing pictures then yes – except Pingvincek.
Andrey: Ok, now I want to ask some fun questions. What was your dream job – when you were a kid?
Garter: I think I was just playing football and wanted to become a footballer. I was really skilled but I don’t know – something went wrong and I just started gaming and stuff



Andrey: Favourite film? food? band?
Garter: “You don’t mess with the Zohan”, Pasul, Bone Thugs – actually nevermind, I don’t really have a favorite band.


Andrey: Do u know a little Russian, maybe you can even read our forum?
Garter: I know some Russian but not cyrillic letters, so I don’t bother. But like “mi proebali” is good


Andrey: ? Can u imagine your life without Dota now? Do you think this game changes people and their life?
Garter: To be honest, most of people have become ragers because of the game and +/-25 MMR but it has helped some people for sure and I can imagine my life without Dota its cool I already quit once and it was fine. I mean I really like the game but if something was to happen then – ggwp.


Andrey: Do you think esports is really long term? I mean the era of dota\lol\cs will end someday, and people must start playing some other things, VR maybe.
Garter: I think if you are a good gamer no matter what the game – you will always play good. So I don’t think it matters if games change.


Andrey: Okay, tell us a little about your plans for the future.
Garter: I just need to hurry up and become the best carry + captain – that’s all!


Andrey: Good luck! Any greetings or wishes?
Garter: Thanks! Shoutout to Valve for helping us solve the CWM lock issue we had. Also, I hope our fans are really happy because we lost a lot before so they were disappointed – but now we are winning so I hope we can keep it up!