Interview : HarryHook

Let’s get the drama out of the way first then, obviously the big news for the team recently was the departure of Ronnie ‘Talespin’ DuPree. How long was there tension in the team, and was it affecting performance?

Well, about the performance yes for sure, the first two days, because we have to switch two roles. Also, me playing as DPS is a new thing, or [Dennis ‘InternetHulk’ Hawelka] as Lucio, but in general we make it work, at least for now.

About the tension, it was kind of hard for us, I didn’t expect it at all about Talespin leaving the team, so yeah it was hard for some days, but we are ok now.


So you mentioned the role changes, how are you finding the transition to DPS?

I played DPS before on some maps, but not the entire map. I was afraid to mess it up in the LAN, because I don’t have any experience as DPS, but for now I think I’m doing it well. I need more time to practice with my team.


You’ve been described as the team’s primary shot caller in the past, are you still performing that role now that you’re not playing Lucio?

No, I’m not doing that role anymore, as DPS there is no way I can focus on killing and also shot-calling.


So who’s shot-calling now, and have there been any difficulties with adjusting to a new in-game leader?

Right now it is [Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen], and no we don’t have any bad problems of communication. What happened is as Lucio I was calling who has ult on their team and saying how they are going to combo it, for example Soldier ultimate with nano boost, and now we miss that.


Speaking of Lucio, he’s a hero that doesn’t often get much praise due to what is perceived as a limited skill ceiling. What differentiates a great Lucio player from an average one at the pro level?

I think what makes you a good Lucio, is what the people can’t see, the shotcalls. People think Lucio is not that important, but a good Lucio can make you win games. It is not about individual skill. It is important also yes, but it’s more about communication and position.


With so many changes to how the team functions you didn’t have much time to prepare for your match against Rogue, what were your expectations like going into that quarter final?

Well…haha I expected to lose to be honest, switching two roles and also having a stand-in, but we made it, also we got our revenge. But yeah four days to prepare for the game with a lot of changes was super hard.


Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson has written about the match and said they thought you figured them out very quickly and worked out how to counter them, was that the case?

I don’t know what to say, we just play our game, trying to do our best, and that’s all pretty much. We don’t do anything special because it is Rogue, just play our game.


After you won your quarter final most people expected you to be facing Lunatic-Hai in the semis, were you surprised by Kongdoo Uncia’s victory?

Not at all, we played some scrims against Lunatic-Hai with the new meta, and they have a hard time adapting. Kongdoo with the new meta are super strong. I was expecting Kongdoo to win, but not 3-0.


How would you rank Kongdoo Uncia compared to the rest of the teams in APEX? Are they the most dangerous opponent right now?

I think so, because they are the best with the new meta. So yeah, for sure they are the most dangerous opponent.


Since the departure of Talespin, a potential criticism of EnVy is a lack of DPS versatility, as both you and Taimou are best known for hitscan heroes. How is the team planning on covering heroes like Pharah and Genji when necessary?

Yeah, Timo [Taimou] and me we play pretty much the same classes, and we don’t have any projectile player. We still don’t know what we’re going to do, also we have on five players right now.

Maybe get a new projectile player or trying to learn that classes, but sadly we don’t have any time. So get a new projectile player is one option and I can go back to Lucio, another option is me or Taimou trying to learn those classes.