Interview : Juliano

Wednesday saw the Announcement of IEM Katowice 2017 for female teams with a prize pool of $30,000. The prize pool which is unprecedented in female CS history is a major step towards

julianoJuliano :

– The problem is that women don’t look at the game in the same way. Some think that ”we don’t stand a chance against guys” because it’s always been that way and still is. Women don’t put in the time and fight for it like the guys do. And the reason female teams exist is because the guys don’t want to play with us, so it’s kind of a two way street, Julia ”Juliano” Kiran from Bad Monkey Gaming says.

I think we were all shocked when we saw it. We were extremely happy and I think we just started screaming, Juliano says.

What do you think this could do for your scene in the future?

– It’s what we need. The way it is now, we don’t have the same goals to strive for, not as many tournaments and something worth playing for in the same way. I think this gave both us and other teams a boost and I think we’ll really grow now.
– If more tournaments like these start popping up, I think the active female scene will grow and that will in turn grow the whole CS:GO scene. The more women getting into it, the more viewers and that’s always fun.

After the announcement, the debate about separating genders in tournaments once again surfaced. What’s your take on that after these news?

– I don’t think we should separate the genders either, and my goal is to one day play in a top team with males. But with the rivalry that exists between the genders now you should separate the tournaments, otherwise the women won’t play in the same way.


”I hope and believe we’ll make it there”

For BMG, the mixed tournament Nordic Masters is on the horizon. After that, they’ll qualify for Katowice on February 17 and 19. Juliano thinks that her teams chances of qualifying, after recruiting Ksenia ”vilga” Klyuenkova, are good.
– We feel in great shape and we’ve performed really well lately, so I hope and believe we’ll make it there.


Source : AftoneBlade