Interview : KennyS

Recently we reported on Sixer switching in roles for Devil.  TheScoreEsports met up with KennyS and had a small talk with him about EnVyUs and the future for them.



Since we added DEVIL we had many shaky performances despite the fact that we won the GFINITY lately,” kennyS said in his statement. “Our first mistake was to pick him as an entry-fragger (at least in the attack group). We knew it wasn’t his main role, but we thought he would be more versatile and able to adapt to a new role.

“Despite the DEVIL’s qualities his mentality didn’t fit in the team at all, I would say. He wasn’t really here to learn from us, or he didn’t do it in the best way possible, which was pretty frustrating for us”

“Also DEVIL made some crucial mistakes during the important moments and he used to repeat them,” kennyS said. “His progression was pretty slow and even if at the end of the adventure he’s better than he used to be at the beginning, we’ve been through too many things; we needed that change.”

“Of course no one is blaming him, when the choice to kick him has been taken, it’s obviously not only his fault,” kennyS said. “DEVIL is a newcomer and he arrived in a really bad atmosphere because at this moment we started being in a slump.”