Interview : Killdream




Where do you guys live? Do you play CS full-time?

The coach, manager, and all five of our players live in our gaming house in Las Vegas. We have been playing Counter-Strike full time for two months now.

How did you prepare for ESWC 2016? Did you bootcamp?

We couldn’t play for around a month because we moved from Denver to Las Vegas and that was a hard transition. One month is a lot of time and coming back to practise full-time is very difficult.

Since we knew we got invited to ESWC, we felt motivated and trained as much as we could because it’s an international event with a lot of good teams and we thought we could prove our value.

paiN are on their way to the playoffs

You won your first game against ENCE. How did that match go?

We started the game quite well and stayed in the lead for the majority of the match. In the end, we managed to get the victory in a close game.

Your winners’ match was against fnatic academy. Did you feel comfortable against them?

We didn’t know a lot about our opponents but we were confident in our training on Mirage. It’s a map where we feel very comfortable.

What is your expectation at ESWC 2016?

Even just coming to this event is a great experience and it’s also great training for our team. We’re trying to go as far as we can to prove our value.

What is your goal in the remaining part of 2016? Do you have any LAN tournaments coming up?

We will focus on the online qualifier for the Americas Minor. We also have qualifiers lined up for Northern arena and Fragadelphia.