Interview : kzy

You won your biggest event with this lineup. How does it feel?

Really good. It’s actually our first ever title with this roster. We didn’t even win EPS Germany so this was our first championship.

What was it like to play against the French crowd. Can you actually feel their impact and hear them or are you too isolated with the noise cancelling headsets?

We hear them all the time and it’s really hard because they’re cheering for every kill and in every situation so you feel slammed down after every round you lose. It’s really tough.

aTTaX won their first cup

What about the semi-final today against Platinium? First map was close but you won the second map easily.

Yeah, they were pretty good on the first map and they proved themselves in the previous matches. We just had veto advantage because it’s ban-ban-pick-pick and we knew they weren’t really playing Overpass so we picked it and it was easy.

On the first map of the grand final, Dust2, they were ahead in the beginning but you managed to win the map after the gun rounds. Are the starts a problem for you guys?

Yeah, a little bit. If we don’t win the pistol round we can struggle a lot. On this map, we adapted to their play style really well and punished them for their aggression. Then they only played defensive because they weren’t confident anymore in pushes. We took nearly every round afterwards.

The final map was Cache and you had a really good lead in the first half. Then they started a comeback but you won the match. How did you close out that game?

It was so tough because both teams won almost every force buys. We just managed to be lucky and won an eco round at the end which crushed them.

If you had to pick an MVP for this event, who would it be?

Kevin “keev” Bartholomäus was the MVP. He played really well and proved all the haters wrong. I hope he will improve even more and play even better at ELEAGUE and EU Minor.

The EU Minor starts in less than a week? Does this victory make you the favorites?

I think we have a chance but we are not the favorites. There are a few good teams at the event. Heroic need to prove themselves because they sucked here. Space Soldiers and GODSENT are also good opponents it’ll be though. Hopefully we can go through to the Main Qualifier.