Interview : Loord

Kinguin are one of the stronger teams to be participating in today’s matches. They have a very good and strong roster consisting of Furlan and other Polish players. They have been undefeated in their first two matches so far.


HLTV conducted a short interview with Loord:

First of all, it’s been a while since Furlan and rallen came into the team, what was the thinking behind the addition and how has it been working out?

Furlan and rallen bring a lot of tactical things into the team. We gained some experience, the players gained some input from them as well, because they know how to use tactics and it helped us a lot. We’re also more calm at the moment than we were before.

If I’m not mistaken, innocent was leading the team before, who is it now?

Actually, it was me in the beginning, not innocent. At the moment, we’re trying to adapt to the new system with coaches and Furlan is doing in-game leading. But I’m trying to help them during practices and on LAN sometimes, if it’s possible.

Now that we’re on that topic, what do you make the ruling concerning coaches?

I’m not sure if I’m the right person to say that, but I don’t think it’s good. I mean, in other sports coaches can talk to players a lot, also during the games, like in American football coaches talk to players all the time, and in other sports as well, so I don’t get the point why coaches can’t talk in CS.

Moving over to WESG, so far so good, you won two matches against the mix-teams in your group, but they were quite close. Did you expect them, especially Pixel, to put up such a fight?

We didn’t expect it from Pixel to be that good and that game to be so close, but we did expect the Ukrainian guys to do well, because they have three players from one team plus Zeus and arch, so it’s not such a big deal to adapt to HellRaisers’ style.

The match-up with GODSENT is still in front of you. They’re struggling a lot at the moment, what do you think about that and how do you expect the game to go?

That’s gonna be a tough one for sure. If they win some LAN games, they’ll find the right way to play in the future. Maybe they’re struggling right now, but they have so much experience as players, so I think they’ll be at the top for sure.