Interview : Lunatik Hai


Congrats on coming in second at the APAC Premier. While you may be disappointed with the result (since everyone wants to win), how did you feel about your performance overall?

As a team: Before answering the question, we appreciate GosuGamers who gave us attention and asked for an interview. This was our first world-class-competition, so we were fully engaged ourselves with the attitude of the challenger.
Of course while we went through some matches, we started to have strong desires about being a champion team. Still it was an awesome chance to matchup and communicate with great teams from oversea. It would be the best if we get the champion title, but the second place is also not a bad result. However, we will aim for the first place next time.

The Western scene has not had as much exposure to the Eastern scenes. What do you (to the team) think are the main differences between the two?

As a team: Because of the geographical distance, there was no chance to speculate on the skills of North America, Europe and Asia. Also, the game genre of FPS was not that famous in Asia compared to in North America or Europe. But the biggest difference comes from experience. Whatever sports they participate in, teams will grow bigger if they have better competitive conditions. North America and Europe had more competition and more chances to develop. However, Asia had few, and it made the gap of experience. Maybe the different way of thinking by culture also plays a part.

You guys had a very strong showing against Rogue, taking two matches off of them in the group stage. How do you guys typically prepare against some of these teams?

As a team: Actually, we did not prepare anything special for the group stage. We just checked out their previous matches (truth is, we never had a chance to play game with Rogue before, so this was only thing we could do).

(For Esca) A trend we have seen is Asian teams prioritizing the McCree in compositions. Western teams will often run the Mei/Hanzo/another pick. Why do you pick McCree specifically?

Esca: We did not really use Mccree in APAC, but when we picked him, we used him in maps where he can deal free damage on the high ground. Both Ana and Mccree can deal safely on the high ground.

(For Esca and LeeTaeJun) Many of the western audiences have said how good you guys are as a team. What do you think differentiates your DPS players from the rest?

Esca and LeeTaejun: Our coordination wasn’t that great in this final match, but we try to use our ultimate combinations more effectively.

(For Miro and Dean) Both of your performances have been very good. Miro’s Winston has been extremely strong and Dean’s Reinhardt has been the core of the Ana composition. What do you guys feel is most important as tank players?

Dean: Reinhardt is a good hero if you are patient and have fast reactions.
Miro: The #1 tips for Winston is staying alive. It is a big loss if you died without filling our support’s ultimate gauge. Keep surviving, tease the enemy, and steadily get healed by support.

(For RyuJeHong) You have been very impressive on the Ana. Landing crucial sleep darts and being able to duel some very formidable enemy DPS. Especially with Ana being such a big part of the meta, what do you think are the key aspects you focus on when you play her?

Ryujehong: Whenever I play Ana, the thing I care about the most is surviving. Sometimes, it seems like I play away from the team, but actually, I’m staying in a place, where my teammate can help me at anytime. In meta these day, the team’s Ana dying is the same as team’s defeat.

We think there is possiblity that [Overwatch] can make a huge success more than League Of Legends or StarCraft 1

(Tobi) Lucio is often times a hero in the background, but is extremely important. Sound barriers and speed boosts often determine who wins the engagements. We have also seen you get many offensive kills on important enemy targets. What is your mindset when playing Lucio? What are your main goals?

Tobi: Most important things when you play Lucio is, survive as long as possible, and give your teammate a wide-area of healing. Also instant healing and moving speed buff by Amp It Up is also important material. Lucio has good skills for evading damage (such as wall climbing), and has a decent CC skill(such as Sonic Amplifier). He is too good to just stay in the back .

How do you feel Korea’s reception of Overwatch has been? Do you guys think Overwatch will continue to grow and be able to fill stadiums like League of Legends or Starcraft has before?

  1. As a team: Overwatch’s popularity is INSANE in Korea. In Korea, we have a place called PC Room (Internet Game Cafe). After Overwatch’s released, it beat League of Legends and maintained a #1 play-rate in the PC Room. It is possible Overwatch can be a bigger success than League of Legends or StarCraft 1.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

As a team: Do we have oversea fans? :) Thanks for watching our games. We will constantly put our best effort to show better outcomes and will become a progressing team. Again, thank you very much.