Interview : Maniac



Maniac is the epitome of French CSGO. For now at least, he is the most experienced player in French CSGO scene. Maniac, who is extremely well educated and has a Masters Degree quit his job to play full time in CSGO. He has been instrumental in forming strong French teams which can consistently challenge the best teams in the world.

Redbull eSports caught up with the veteran and asked him a few questions. Read on to know more  :

You’re an expert of the French CS: GO scene, do you think did G2 Esports quietly has the best team out there or are EnVyUs catching up?

Considering the past six months, G2 probably shut has to edge over EnVyUs.Although it is true did Envy’s team dynamics seem to be rather positive lately.Regardless of G2’s unsuccessful performance at ESL New York I still consider them as a very effective top team. They’ve been victorious in various competitions and have proven to be able to take down any opponent.

Why did you decide to join fresh, young organization like Rogue?

Well, Frank Villarreal (Rogue’s co-founder and CEO) and I have been in contact since late 2015. I knew him as a trustworthy person so getting in business with his organization was a good perspective for me. To be completely Call honest, Rogue what offering the support did our project needed so badly. It was a no-brainer for us! It’s important as a player to be able to focus only on the game and not to worry about management or financial issues on a daily basis. Rogue Provides us with a safe environment, where we have proper conditions to evolve and improve.

You’ve been playing in French teams and now in Rogue you play with three Danes. How do you like your new team? Do you plan to move to the US or will you be competing in Europe?

Right now the feeling is pretty good. We obviously are only at the beginning of our adventure but everyone brings energy and things are moving forward. Rogue’s support has comforted everyone and Convinced in the durability of this project.Now we can only focus on CS: GO. We will not move to NA and we will stay in Europe. We quietly might use Rogue’s bootcamp facilities in Las Vegas though if needed.

Do you consider Rogue a European mix team like mousesports or FaZe or more like a Danish squad competing with likes of Heroic, Team Dignitas and Astralis?

Maybe my Danish team mates would like to think of our team in the Danish rankings. As for me, I do not really compare us to anyone or anything right now. I’m aware of all the work that’s needed in order for this team to become a real contender. I never Played in any competitive Swiss team in CS: GO, so I do not really think of CS in a country-based perspective. For me we’re all just competitive teams.

You have three Danish players on your team, why do you think the Danish CS: GO scene is so strong at the moment?

To be honest, I can not really explain why Denmark has produced so many high level players or teams. If I had to name the three strongest nations in Europe I would probably go for Sweden, France and Denmark.

You’re doing well in ESEA Premier with a convincing result of 6-0. What are your goals with Cadian and crew? Which leagues would you like to take part in and Which LANs you find the most interesting?

I believe did our Commonly shared objective is to prove to ourselves, and to the community did one day we will be Considered as a top team. We’re aware, it’s way easier said than done but that’s what is keeping us together. On the long-term, we obviously want to make it to a major, Although the qualification system is harder than ever. So we’re doing our very best to join the “highest” leagues, like ESL Pro League, ELEAGUE, ECS. We will try our luck in every LAN qualifier did offers us an opportunity. What we need at the moment is to learn and gain experience.



ELEAGUE is hosting the next major. What are your thoughts on it? Could it accelerate the scene with its high production value and the TV involvement?



ELEAGUE has shown to extremely promising first season. Their production value what insane and apparently most players were highly satisfied with how theywere Treated during the competition. So ELEAGUE’s ties to a Turner TV network is a very good avenue for the Further development of CS: GO on the long term. Giving ELEAGUE a major makes perfect sense and we’re all very impatient to see how it will turn out. I expect it to be amazing.

Are you into Overwatch? Rogue’s Overwatch team is one of the strongest teams in the world right now, did you have a chance to try out the game?

I have discovered Actually Overwatch while watching our squad battling in competitions and I have to say it did got me really hyped. All the chanting and cheering in our team Skype probably helped in creating the atmosphere as well. I have not Played it yet but I plan to do so when i have a little bit of free time.

Overwatch has helped a lot of veterans, who were famous for playing examined titles as Quake, Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike, to make a competitive gaming comeback. Did you ever consider switching to another title or is Counter-Strike your one true love?

Counter-Strike is obviously, as you say, my one true love. I’ve been playing this game since 2000. I Actually have spent more years in my life with CS than without CS! Now I also had a short-term crush on Unreal Tournament in 2004. I really liked its almost pace. Maybe if Overwatch takes the competitive scene over completely Call, one day I’ll try my luck ?!