Interview : Pronax



Pronax has been one of the most iconic figures in CSGO. He has led the Fnatic roster which dominated the scene for the entirety of 2015. However following internal problems he has switched teams. Post several swedish shuffles, Godsent still find them unable to replicate a similar level of success in 2016.


HLTV caught up with Pronax prior to their finals against Hellraisers yesterday.

Let’s start with the match that was on the first day, against ALTERNATE aTTaX, the team that defeated you online to get your spot in ELEAGUE, so to say. Did it feel good to beat them, did you have any additional motivation playing against them?

I wouldn’t say that we had any extra motivation playing against them. ALTERNATE is a team which we should beat and that’s all we thought about. We are here do to business basically, to get over to the next step.

Moving on, you went on to the upper bracket finals where you lost to HellRaisers. That was a pretty close match, two 16-14’s. They had two clutches in the end, STYKO on the first one and ANGE1 on the second one – what went wrong for you?

In that game we felt that we played very good, we started off very well, our communication was good. I don’t know, we actually played good but they played very well as well. I don’t know, I just feel that we had a pretty big lead and we had troubles closing rounds out. They played very slow and play a lot on executes so, in hindsight, we should’ve saved our nades a lot more. I think that was the biggest problem – that we didn’t save enough nades for the late stages od the round as CT. We just had problems closing out some rounds – there is nothing more to say about it.

Pronax feels that they should’ve saved their nades in the first match against HellRaisers

Today you had a rematch against Epsilon, and the first match was pretty close as well. Talking about that – let’s go through the match – you’ve lost the first map to the wild clutch by BARBARR, how did you feel and how did you recover going on to the next two maps?

The team spirit after Mirage wasn’t that great actually, we really felt that we threw it – we should’ve closed out more T rounds. Me as well, I had a very bad game. I didn’t get any work done as Terrorist. We weren’t happy how we played that game at all. I think something happened after that game, some switch, and we approached the game differently.

Because we had problems with how we should play; if we should play a lot of explosiveness or a more strategical game or… We decided to go more slow after the first map and play more from executes. And we talked a lot about our timings on some rounds because that is something that we have been doing bad before.

The timings were very good on Cache, but the timings between us like when three guys go on a site, what will the other guys do – were really off before. But we are starting to get in sync, the communication is better now – we are really feeling that we are starting to find something.

You touched on it in the past question, but you’re now in the Major Offline Qualifier and you have a month to prepare – what direction are you taking with the team, how did you envision it stylistically? Do you already know or are you gonna take it now and learn through practice?

I think that in this tournament we have started figuring out a lot of stuff, especially against Epsilon yesterday when we also won but it was super close. I think we are starting to figure out stuff more and more now. Lekr0 is fitting in very well in the team and he is starting to shine individually as well so that will help us a lot.

Source : HLTV