Interview : Quinzas ( FIFA )

Esports has been crossing over with traditional sports organisations. We have seen the investments by some organisations coming from NBA and soccer. However one of the lesser known esports games which probably has a more natural connection to the Sporting organisations is FIFA. FIFA has been one of the long standing popular eSports games alongside counterstrike.


Francisco „Quinzas” Cruz, who is currently representing Sporting CP was recently approached by Sporting FC. managed to get in touch with him to know his thoughts on offers made by sports organisations into esports.


How does it feel to represent Sporting?

It’s a great feeling, because it’s one of the biggest sport clubs in Portugal. I’m proud of representing this club. I’m also a supporter of Sporting privately, so it’s even better.

What was your reaction when Sporting made you an offer?

First, I couldn’t believe this, because it was like a dream to play for such a big club like Sporting. Then, when I realised that’s truth, I just wanted to become better and better. Sporting is growing and I want to improve my skills as well.

Did you expect that sport clubs will one day be interested in investing in FIFA players?

When I saw that sport clubs entered esports scene, I knew that FIFA players will be the most wanted, because there is a natural connection between those two things. I also see sport clubs investing in League of Legends teams, because it is the biggest esports game.

Sport clubs are more eager to invest in esports right now. Might it be a real threat for tradidional espots orgs?

Professional esports organizations might be less important for FIFA players now, since sport clubs can offer us better conditions.

How do you like MODECOM Legia eSports Cup?

It’s a very good tournament, which provides players with very good conditions. The venue of the tournament is awesome as well. We are lucky guys to play on such a big stadium, right to a football pitch.


Source : Cybersports