Interview : Rallen


Coming into this event you attended a few LAN’s, at ZOTAC World Cup you lost to VG.CyberZen, at Predator Masters 3 you lost to Gambit – how did you feel coming here—form wise?

We are prepared, at the events before we failed a bit and we weren’t happy with these results. But we know what we can do, we got the chance to play in the qualifier one more time, we played versus Epsilon and won 22-20, like today versus dignitas, and we’ll try to use this chance to make a big surprise.

So talking about that, 22-20 in overtime winsis this some magical number for you guys?

It is for sure a magic result for us, maybe we can follow it up one or a few more times.

Let’s talk about your match; you upset dignitas on Mirage, we heard loord earlier saying that you were prepared on Cobblestone and Mirage, that you were expecting to play these maps. Was there anything special you prepared against dignitas?

We knew which map we would play because their strongest maps are the same for us I guess, and I guess they failed a bit with the veto. It’s best-of-one, we did our job and just played our strategy and stuff like that.

dignitas is a team that is renowned for having a big map pool, you think that they maybe should’ve gone for some of their weaker maps that are probably even weaker for you? 

They wouldn’t take a risk. They though that on their best map, no one can beat them—and we just surprised them.

rallen felt that dignitas could’ve had a better veto

On the start of the Terrorist side you kinda focused on the B site. Most of the teams go mid and take mid control, but you were constantly putting pressure B. Was that something you were doing to exploit RUBINO and MSL being there instead of going A and mid where the three stars of dignitas play? Or is this your tactic in general?

We knew what the playstyle of MSL is and we chose to exploit him. We know that they have slow rotations, that they are just waiting for flankers and we took advantage of that.

SZPERO took over the IGL role recently, can you tell me about that a bit?

We were changing a lot, I was leading at Predator Masters 3, previously it was furlan and right now it’s SZPERO. Every one of these players has different styles. Maybe we can surprise a lot of teams because some teams like more of the aggresive style, some like to play defensive. So now we are playing with SZPERO leading and he is really good in his decisions.

Going on in the tournament you are playing either GODSENT or FlipSid3, we’ve heard loord in the post-match interview saying earlier that you would prefer to play GODSENT. Can you tell me about that?

We like to play versus them because they aren’t prepared for a lot of matches like they were before. I guess pronax was calling the tactic but in the past he had help from an analyst. The harder thing I guess is B1ad3 because his team is playing mind games. You always need to change positions because you’ll get flashed and stuff like that… So the easier enemy to play against for us is GODSENT.

Source : HLTV