Interview : Rez

Epsilon HLTV got in touch with Epsilon’s Rez shortly after their match. Excerpts :

You just finished your lower-bracket match against Space Soldiers, you won it 2-0, but in the first map in particular you had a lot of struggles against eco’s, you won a lot of ecos yourselves I think. What was going on in that match?

In that match, everything in the weapon rounds worked out for us, we felt confident in our game. Aim wise, we all shot really good and that transfered well to our eco rounds, our deagles and everything so that worked out every time. I’d say we won the duels a lot of times so we didn’t need a lot of strategy against them, we just flew around the map.

Talking about Space Soldiers, they are a team for a pretty long time now, were you surprised with the way they played? It looked like pretty simple stuff, not a lot of executes, not a lot of coordination?

We all felt that they were really confused when they played, we just overrun them on the sites. Yeah, I don’t think that answers anything. [laughs]

REZ is feeling more confident with every map

So BARBARR’s style on the CT side – he always has these solo random pushes that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Do you talk about that in the team, how does that work?

Yeah, BARBARR is adapting pretty well, but he and draken – draken does it a lot too with the AWP – they take early risks and it works out sometimes. But it’s like a high risk – high reward thing, and we thought we could afford that in this game as the score was on our side for the whole time.

Talking about you, you have not been in the spotlight for this team until this tournament probably so how do you feel it’s going on for you personally? Do you think you will be able to take on the tier 1 players soon?

I feel ready at the moment. I’m climbing all the time, I feel like that after every game I’m more confident than I’ve been before. Last time when I was here (EU Minor for MLG Colombus) that was my first LAN and everything, now I’m getting used to LAN’s and I’m coming into the game more and more. I feel i can play on the top level now.

In the match coming up, you have a rematch against GODSENT. You already lost to them but there is no disadvantage for you in the lower bracket. The last match was pretty close, what do you think can change now and what can happen in the match?

We had so many unlucky moments in the match, and now we feel confident and that we have nothing to lose. We’ll go all in, we are very much confident in this game and they should be scared more than us, they should be afraid