Interview : Ryujenhong

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Q: How do you feel about advancing to quarters?

Leetaejun: It feels good to win.  I want to say thanks to the fans who always show up here, I feel we’re playing better thanks to your support.

Ryujehong: The games played today helped us get to quarters, so I’m happy about winning.

Q: Are you jetlagged?

Ryujehong: To be honest, I’m slightly tired.

Q: I’m sure you lacked practice time because of the World Cup.

Leetaejun: We couldn’t team practice at all, so we focused on keeping our individual skills sharp.

Q: Is your confidence level any different after the World Cup?

Ryujehong: I wouldn’t say our confidence level changed, but there’s more pressure due to the title.

Q: You guys seemed to struggle on Numbani during offense.

Leetaejun: We thought we were fine, but our opponents adapted well. When we defend on Numbani, we expect perfection.  We knew we wouldn’t lose on defense, so we knew we would win if it went to overtime.

Q: What are your goals for this tournament?

Ryujehong: Our goal is to win, and nothing else. For the finals opponent, we desperately want to see Rogue.  We were frustrated from that loss in China.

Q: You met with Zunba as your opponent.

Ryujehong: I got used to his play style during our time together at the World Cup. But even then, he still played extremely well.  It was pretty difficult (to win).

Q: What do you think of Sombra?

Leetaejun: I played her quite a bit in the test server, and I think we’ll be using her quite a bit.  Her ult charges fast, and it’s very efficient. I think we’ll see a lot of her in competitive play.

Q: During the OGN interview you were kissed by Leetaejun.

Ryujehong: It wasn’t all that bad. (Laughs) We knew each other for a long time so it’s all good.

Q: Any final comments?

Leetaejun: I’m considered the only weak link on our team, so I thank all the supporters who cheer me on.  I want to keep performing well, so I hope you guys keep supporting us.

Ryujehong: I want to say  thanks to Lunatic-Hai fans, who are always cheering us on. We’ll practice hard to be the world’s number one.