Interview : Solo

Posted on their facebook page, Virtus Pro have released an interview that was done with Solo from Virtus Pro.


Hi! Tell us what you feel about your victory at The Summit 6, please.

Hi. Honestly, I didn’t feel particularly satisfied after the final. Firstly, the games weren’t extremely difficult. Secondly, the format was too gentle and smooth to make you feel nervous during the games, and as a result I didn’t burst out after winning.

Was your goal to win the tournament or to develop your strategies and in-game interaction?

We hoped to play against Evil Geniuses in the final. EG had surprised us during scrims before The Summit 6 started, so we considered them as our main opponents. But, of course, we came there to win. I feel like OG started crumbling after the first game, they tried to play aggressively against us from the very first minutes, but they do it worse than we do. As you have noticed, we haven’t demonstrated anything new that we didn’t try before. We tested our play style at the event and made sure that it’s alright.

Have you enjoyed the tournament?

It was my first time at The Summit, and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was friendly during the entire period. We communicated a lot with other players, played Mafia — it was fun.

It is said that teams do not try hard at such events before majors. Did you have the feeling that your opponents weren’t playing at their level?

The format didn’t affect any organisational aspects — everything was done at the highest level. Many teams tried out new drafts, tried to adapt to us instead of playing their own Dota. I presume that someone might have played half-heartedly, but when we shook hands after winning, opponents’ faces showed genuine disappointment.

 It was your first time playing against Chinese teams, and you won confidently. What can you say about EHOME and Wings Gaming?

Chinese teams have different priorities when it comes to draft. Wings Gaming are recognised geniuses of strategy. During my conversation with EHOME’s coach I found out that they underestimated our strategies and were sure that they could counter SD+Luna.

You lost a game against OG in 11 minutes. Why did you give up so early?

We lost in 11 minutes due to our failure in the middle lane. We could have continued playing if we hadn’t fought 5v5 several times. Our chances of losing were about 90%, so we decided not to waste our energy to try to make such a difficult comeback. We felt confident about our strategies and knew it was a single case (good hook, regeneration rune, invisibility rune are random after all), and it wouldn’t repeat.

Where are you more comfortable playing: on the big stage or at similar events where there is no audience and fans?

The second option is a lot more comfortable — you don’t feel pressured or nervous there. You show your best and stay as calm as possible. It is more difficult to play on the big stage, but I got used to it long ago.

Speaking of the jungle Venomancer trend, do you think it is efficient to use him the way that the teams at The Summit did?

Venomancer farms really quickly in the jungle and pressures opponent’s safe lane plague warding the entire area and farming at the same time. It is really annoying to play against it unless you prevent Venomancer from getting stronger in the jungle. Wings excellently countered Position 4 Venomancer with Treant Protector, who breaks a plague ward with one hit and annoys Venomancer. I think Venomancer is an Offlane not Support hero.

What do you think about the conflict between players and eSports personalities?

eSports personalities often say too much on Twitter. They try to make it look like they express their opinion, but they don’t care about 100 thousand followers who adopt the opinion. I think it would be fair enough if players started talking to them in the same way.

The G2A players often appeared on the Russian broadcast. What do you think about this initiative and why did you not come there as well?

The format allowed to do such things, so I let my guys chat on the stream if they wanted to. I have my own view on that, and I avoid cameras for now.

 How is your team going to prepare for the next major? Are you staying in the USA or going home?

We’re going to practise in the USA. We’ll be heading to the NVIDIA office in San Jose. Flights affect most of us, so we decided to drop out of the ASUS ROG DreamLeague.

I wouldn’t call us the main favourites of the major. We only proved that our team is solid and nothing else. We have a great strategy and hero pool. We understand each other in game and outside it. I don’t think there is a reason to be worried about the game. There is always more pressure at Valve’s events than at any others. I hope we’ll handle it.


Source – Virtus Pro Facebookpage