Interview : Team Liquid Simple


simple had a small chat with Simple after their win over Liquid at ESL One New York

Excerpts from the Interview :


I’m here with s1mple just after beating Team Liquid in the semifinals in New York. How are you feeling after getting to the finals after playing against your former teammates TeamLiquid?

It’s very nice to win against my ex-team so I’m really proud of my team being in the finals again. It’s like two finals, ESL finals, for me in a row. It’s a really good feeling when beating your ex-team.

Previously, Na’Vi leading up to this event have not been playing up to par. What is the motivation going into this event?

Before New York, we played StarLadder, we lost because we had a lot of pressure going in. Everyone told us to go into this tournament and win without practice. Na’Vi changed roles and we practiced a lot. We have a new in game leader because of the new Valve rule, and as you see we are in the finals and hopefully we will win this tournament.

How was the transition from playing from TL to Na’Vi? One of your stated reasons of leaving was due to homesickness.

Liquid organization is the same as Na’Vi. Na’Vi is in Kiev where I’m living and Liquid was in LA where I lived there. It’s very comfortable to live in Ukraine – practice here, play official matches. It’s very nice to see my parents and friends everyday. I’m enjoying it more in my home in Ukraine than in the United States.

Do you think you have a better performance in Kiev than at LA?

It’s the same.

Against Liquid when you threw your gun at nitr0, could you walk me through your thought process?

When I threw my gun, I saw that he was going to think that something happened you know? For one second, when he sees something, he doesn’t know what it is and I only have one second to kill him. I was so lucky, I had my crosshair on his head.

They are going into overtime now.. Who would you prefer to play in the Grand Finals, SK vs VP?

I want to play against SK Gaming. Because if we want to be the best team in the world, we should beat them. We beat them two matches in a row. We also feel confident in maps as we have the same maps as them.

How do you think of your chances of going into the Major?

Yeah, we feel good. If we win this tournament, we will be feeling much better. I think we have a lot of chance, we just need more time.

Last question, how do you feel about New York?

Very busy city. A lot of people in car and a lot of traffic. I like the people, the people are very nice. It’s very hard to walk on the sidewalk. There are a lot of people from different countries but I like it here.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you.

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