Interview with Hobbit post the finals

HLTV caught up with Hobbit post his match in the finals.


Let’s just run through the finals shortly, it started on Nuke, Renegades pick. We didn’t see you on the map yet. Did you feel confident in your Nuke?

Actually, we were practicing Nuke. I myself feel very nice on Nuke, I was ready on Nuke but I don’t know about my team. We were thinking it was going to be 50-50, but we won it.

You moved on Cobble, that seems like your strongest map, do you feel that yourself?

In my opinion Cobble is our strongest map because we practice it a lot, and have a lot of strategies. Also, Zeus feels really good on Cobble, that’s why it’s our best map right now. He has good calls and that’s why we won versus Renegades.

You won the MVP award for DreamHack ZOWIE Open Winter 2016 – how does it feel like since this is your first big tournament?

I’m in shock right now, I have no words. I was thinking it was going to be mou. He did a lot of important frags. Actually, this was my dream, to be an MVP of a big tournament. I don’t know what to say, I have no words.

Going forward, what are your expectations from the upcoming period?

We have to prepare for the Major, we are now be going to a bootcamp and we will practice, train and keep working.

Source – HLTV