Interview with Jkaem



Jkaem is playing for Team Norway. Team Norway has gone 2-0 after being the reason for some upsets and a few close matches. It was definitely exciting to watch this team, which was formed in a hasty manner just for TWC 2016. caught up with Jkaem and here are some excerpts from that interview :

This team is the old LGB roster, at least four fifths of it, who had the idea to bring it all back together?

Polly asked me and RUBINO for this WESG team. We weren’t supposed to attend this, because we as FaZe have a lot of nationalities, but when the opportunity came we played the Norwegian qualifier and won that pretty easily. It’s kind of for fun, but of course we want to qualify for China and we got a good start today. We know that we’re aimers and bla bla, but we played simple CS and it worked today.

jkaem believes the Norwegians will create a team again at some point in the future

Does that make you want to go back to a fully Norwegian roster? You’ve been part of FaZe for quite a long time, this has to feel pretty nostalgic I’m sure…

Haha, it’s only a few games though, the first one wasn’t so hard, this one was also a pretty good victory. In the future I do think we’ll start a Norwegian team again, but not right now.

Like you mentioned, you just beat VP very comfortably and very surprisingly, they’ve now lost two out of two games with the first being to hooch’s team. How did that happen?

We always had a good feeling about playing versus VP, they fit our playstyle. We just play simple, run and shoot, and VP is very tactical, but they don’t shoot as hard as other top-tier teams in my opinion. We always had good matches versus them even with LGB and London Conspiracy, we just feel good against them.

I imagine you don’t take Bpro as a big threat, but then you’re also facing the Russian squad, are you confident with that match-up?

hooch is a smart guy and he’s always hard to play against, but it’s gonna be good. We knew that most likely VP would win the group – well, not anymore – and us and the Russian team would play for second and third. It’s gonna be hard for sure, but I think we’ve got this.