Interview with Xecration Abed




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Excerpts from the Interview


1. Many pro players have found it a challenge to confide in their parents about their dreams to go pro. How did you manage to get your parents to be so supportive of your dream? Do you have any tricks to share for upcoming players trying to break into the scene?

My family has been very supportive of me even in my early days of playing Dota. We always discuss things freely and they constantly help me in balancing my life so that my studies are not affected. Because we talk so often they are completely aware of what I am doing in my career as a Dota player. I think the most important thing is being disciplined and responsible. This is what allowed me to gain such a strong form of trust and support from my peers.

2. Becoming the top ranked player globally for any hero is a huge achievement. To hold the title as a 15 year old for the most mechanically demanding hero completely blows my mind! Did any prior experience play a part in your success?

Some of my prior experience in gaming included Counter-Strike, Ragnarok , World of Warcraft and of course Dota 1 which I played for fun with friends. The growth of the game since then made a lot of things easier and provided me with an edge when I started playing Dota 2 competitively.

3.In the current Meta where there is quite often a lot of early brawling and grouping in the mid lane what do you think are the most important characteristics of a successful mid player?

The most important characteristic for a pro Mid Player is Versatility. He needs to be able to play all positions at a high level in order for him to understand the game well enough to be aware of what is happening to his team mates and how the game will progress.

Mechanically he must be strong enough to dominate any laying situation and squeeze enough of an advantage while still being aggressive enough to rank successfully and react to certain opportunities as they arise.

4.Can you tell us about your current Roster for us to get a feel of what playing on Execration is like?


Kimo, our captain, is always hype, very active and energetic. He strikes a great balance between being but while taking responsibility for his calls and actions.

DJ is the quiet type of person. Despite his success he is very humble, kind and very supportive to the rest of the team. While Gabbi and Rappy are typical teenagers they can be a lot of fun but ultimately they are serious about what they do and accountable to the success or failure of our games.

5. If you could choose one hero to learn and master overnight which hero would it be and why?

I would love to master Magnus. He is an interesting hero with the ability to make a huge difference to a game due to his unique abilities and properties. Playing a good Magnus is very challenging but his skills and potential make it a lot more rewarding to play than some other heroes.

6. Do you ever feel like you have a lot of responsibility and pressure on you to perform? Do you have any secrets for dealing with the anxiety?

Partly, yes. Being a pro player our supporters’ have very high expectations, they want to see us do well. While each player has their own individual reasons for the pressure they feel we can only try our best in every game we play.

In the professional scene I believe the most important thing is that players are mentally and emotionally stable in order to minimise the negative effects of anxiety.

In the professional scene it is important that you keep focused on moving forward and improving as a player regardless of a win or loss. That is the kind of mentality that pushes you forward through the rough times.

7. Are you aware that you represent hope for a lot of young players out there, even Sumail publicly dissuaded a lot of people from taking the same path as he did. Do you have any similar comments to make?

While the scene is growing a lot these days people really underestimate the difficulty of being a pro player these days. If you devote a lot of time to playing online games and you believe you got what it takes, like Sumail said, go pro.

Otherwise I suggest taking it easy and focusing on something a lot less riskier such as your studies.