Interview with Zonic of Team Astralis

Astralis managed to defeat Gamers2 in their first match of ESL one New york. HLTV managed to get an interview with their Coach and this is what was said in the interview :

How big of an impact has Valve’s new ruling on coaches had as of this first game?

In the beginning we were disappointed [with the ruling], but we did know that some other teams have had a harder time adapting because I’m not an in-game leader, but for example starix from Na`Vi is [motions towards a Na`Vi player in the elevator], but now I actually think it’s okay…I still hate it though!

Is the new rule with four timeouts useful?

That rule is definitely useful and I actually think it is quite nice because I could instantly see if there was an issue with the team and I actually thought that I had a better overview of the gameplay because I didn’t have the TeamSpeak and all the noise. I could actually see how they were communicating and what was going on on their screens.

So it was actually okay but once again I would still prefer to have a bigger role in coaching.

Who was the most responsible for turning the game around at 5-13?

To be honest, I think the biggest factor was our switch over to CT. We had a way better CT compared to our T side.

People started communicating better and especially we took a clever timeout as CT where we pretty much stacked A afterwards and they went A. I saw a couple of demos before the match where they were either explosive on B or doing the smoke line on A, and when they had done both of those, I took a timeout and said “They’re going to try and do an A split now, go short.”

So we put Xyp9x on Goose and device on the slope and we had Kjaerbye in CT spawn fast rotating to A. And they did exactly what I thought and we got pumped up from there and people started hitting their shots.

zonic has adjusted to the new coaching situation, but still prefers the old system

How important was it to win that game considering the recent results for your team?

It was really important for us; obviously we have struggled a bit, especially against Danish teams. It’s tough now around CS:GO these days. You see all the middle level teams stepping up and really trying to make a career out of it. Before you only had to really fear five or six teams; now you have to fear a team like PENTA so it’s difficult.

Were you worried about Dust2 before the game because G2 were after all on a seven map winning streak on that map?

We know that they’re really good on Dust2 but it’s also become one of our great maps after the summer vacation. We’ve worked quite a lot on it…we were hoping for Overpass against them, which they banned, but Dust2 was just fine for us. We knew we had to play our A game in order to win that game.

What are the plans now before your next match?

Just going to chill and relax. We might potentially take a look at who we’re playing next…VP I think…but just happy we’re off to a good start as of now!