Interview : Xantares



Xantares has been one of the prominent players from Turkey to have made his mark in the international scene. Playing for Space Soldiers, the Turkish player has constantly managed to surprise his opponents with a display of high skill and performance.

We are here in the arena today, how do you like the stage, the setup here, the national anthems and all thats going on here?

Everything is so good so far, but we did have some FPS problems with some computers here in the arena.

Here at the tournament, you’ve been playing a lot of the maps, but you’ve been banning Nuke all the time.  Is that a map you don’t play? What do you think is your strongest map?

We have a deep map-pool, we play all seven maps. We are ready to play Nuke, but we just don’t want to play it yet.


I also wanted to talk about Calyx, he’s been playing very good so far, he’s showing that he is a strong Turkish talent. What do you think about him and general, and do you feel like he is someone that could step into Space Soldiers if there was a need for a swap or someone in the team couldn’t play any more?

He’s a young and a very good player. Calyx is so good at the game, but he has less experience, that’s the thing actually. If Space Soldiers would need him, he could easily play in Space Soldiers.

When this tournament is done, what’s next for Space Soldiers regarding upcoming tournaments, plans, qualifiers?

This month we will go to ESWC and we have another LAN tournament upcoming that I cannot reveal because it’s not public yet.