Interview: Zakk



Going back to zews’ transfer from SK, the biggest worry everyone had was his individual form. How do you think he feels with his individual play three months after coming back to active duty?

He’s very experienced in-game, so he knows he’s not fragging as much as he’s supposed to. The first thought we had was that he’s not a madfragger, we didn’t bring him into the team to kill everybody. He’s more like the brain for us, that’s what we needed. Even before we won DreamHack Summer, we were lacking strategy and smart choices, and he brings all of this. He fits perfectly I think.

Has he done anything else other than leading in-game and creating strategies, for example has he changed or adjusted some roles?

Yeah, a lot. We changed everything, we became a new team. We started from scratch when he entered. Every day we do tactical stuff, switch roles to see which one fits better.

After winning in Toronto you had a little over a month and went to ELEAGUE, where you went out in groups. What happened there?

It was the same thing that happened here, in the ESL studio. These guys are fueled by hype, the crowd, the screams. When they’re playing in a closed off area, they don’t perform, they communicate way less, they play strangely. When they’re hyped they communicate everything, everything happens so fast, so that’s one thing we have to work really hard on.

What were your goals for the group stage?

We have to beat Liquid in the next game and hope about the game between EnVyUs and mouz. That’s the only thing we can do. We screwed up in the beginning, so now we just have to do our job.

What is it like to play at home, in front of your home crowd? How much does it mean for you to perform at home?

Oh my god, it’s hard to put in words. I have been playing CS for maybe 15 years now, I’m older than everyone on the team aside from zews, but… playing on home soil with my crowd cheering for me is like a dream come true. I hope that even with the mistakes that happened we can have another tournament here. It would be so nice.

Touching on the very close game with mousesports, what gave you the edge?

We knew a little bit what they were doing, because we played them on the same map in ELEAGUE. So we studied them a lot, even before we already had studied a little. In ELEAGUE chrisJ was getting aggressive picks, and we knew that he wouldn’t do that here in this game, because we were expecting that. So we changed our game, play more together, like explosive on B, four guys together, exploring both sites. Not like on Cobble against EnVyUs, where we were going B, we were exploring the whole map and that gave us the edge.