Invictus Gaming sign CS:GO roster

Invictus Gaming has signed a complete cs.go roster


One of the most prominent Dota 2 gaming teams, and popular Chinese gaming organization has finally decided to pick up a competitive cs.go roster which has been rumored for so long. The roster consists of many existing competitive players in the Chinese cs.go scene, while relatively small, are still well skilled. This decision for Invictus to enter cs.go is a great start, and hopefully the Chinese cs.go scene will see further investment from other major organizations. As a fairly big twist, Invistus recently also announced in an interview that they will be seeking the services of a European coach to help gain an advantage, as the EU region currently has the best teams and coaches, even topping the NA scene.

We will be able to see the team play at the Chinese qualifier for the LAN finals of ESL One: Cologne 2017 and truly see the skills of not only the individual players, but also the impact of the newly signed coach. The LAN finals of ESL One: Cologne 2017 will include 15 other team, notably Vici Gaming and TyLoo Gaming, some of the best competitive teams in the small, but growing Asian cs.go scene.