Invictus Gaming signs BurNIng


Following the Post fall reshuffle, Invictus Gaming has finalised their roster with BurNIng



Xu ‘BurNIng’ Zhilei is a veteran Chinese player with experience in many teams throughout his long 8 year career. BurNIng had previous played for Invictus Gaming for half a year in 2015, from 2015-03-05 — 2015-09-03  but was later transferred to Vici Gaming for a year.


Now that BurNIng is back, im sure his teammates will be happy to have the experienced veteran once again. Most professionals lose their competitive flair at 25-26 and new talent usually is picked over them, but at 28, BurNIng is still going extremely strong. The team’s burning has been playing for have had decently good runs and BurNIng has played in TI2, TI3, TI4 and TI5.


The finalized Invictus Gaming roster is :

  • Xu ‘BurNIng’ Zhilei
  • Ou ‘Op’ Peng
  • Lin ‘Xxs’ Jing
  • Ye ‘BoBoKa’ Zhibiao
  • Fu ‘Q’ Bin