Is Zeus making a comeback?


Gambit Gaming has been plagued with problems. Their performance aside, they have had players fined due to them playing for other players in online qualifiers ( Dosia ). The team is rebuilding itself right now and their results are tantamount to a team thats in the building phase.


But what is the team building towards? Gambit is still extremely skilled with the likes of Dosia in the roster. They have been very precise and incisive in their executes. The lack of team cohesion amongst the members however is a worrying sign.


If sources are to be believed, Zeus; former NaVi player might be making a comeback into the competitive scene. He might be on the verge of joining Team Gambit.


Hooch recently announced his exit from Team Gambit after winning ACL 2016. This points to a pre-decided exit from the team.

Following this, we see Flamie’s tweet almost clearly hinting that Zeus will be coming back into playing competitively soon.


Put two and two together and it’s not difficult that Zeus might be joining the only possible open position in the region. We look forth to watching Zeus playing competitively again.