Items to be given on competitive HoTS Twitch stream

Blizzard has partnered with Twitch to give fans team themed goods


Blizzard has taken extraordinary action to increase the popularity of competitive Heroes of the Storm. They have officially partnered with twitch to allow their chanel to give out free items who are live on the stream. While this sounds great, there is a catch, in order to qualify for the draw to win these special items, players will be required to purchase some Twitch currency. Through this, they have to spend this currency and cheer for their favorite team. This system will comprise of a milestone system, and a lucky draw system, incorporating RNG but insuring those who donate never go empty handed.

Cs.go has done this for years, giving viewers free loot. Only difference is that, that was completely free and had to be done through the in game client. I think Blizzard is defintiely aiming to make an effort to boost the competitive scene, but overall, is a simple money grab for the company. That said, this partnership may open Blizzard towards a greater twitch partnership on their bigger games like Hearthstone, or even give ideas to Riot to hand out some exclusive skins.