IWC All-Stars vs. NA LCS All-Stars Review

Lol all stars

This review will look at the match between the IWC All-Stars vs. NA LCS All-Stars held on the 12th of December during the 2015 LoL all stars event.

Walking into a match where you’re up against a team made up of C9, TSM and CLG (former and present) members isn’t an easy feat for the average pro player. Some may be star struck and others might just find it gives them the drive to do their best and showcase their skills. This is something that IWC had to undertake this Saturday.

Under the umbrella of team ice, the IWC has gained a buzz on the internet that depicts them as not being able to hold their own in the tournament. The argument can be displayed in the fact that in their previous match they failed to pick champions that scale, a factor that contributed to a loss within 22 minutes of going up against the LCK All-Stars.

Gold Lead and Score Skewed

This time round it’s not as simple. The gold lead and the score are massively skewed in favour of the NA LCS, as the kite became too real and the fact they relied heavily on roaming to gain a lead. Due to Jungler Meteos’s efforts by focusing on early ganks and not on his stacks whilst playing Kindred, he managed to score 8/3/11 up against Dimajke 0/6/5 playing as Elise. In this game, the IWC managed to hold it out for 34 minutes and managed to get some excellent plays.

Rift Herald, Baron and the dragon were denied on numerous occasions but saw their downfall to not coming together during team fights. As far as it goes, these teams are only temporary so what happens today doesn’t necessarily translate as to what is going to happen tomorrow.

The only sure thing is that with practice and revision, who knows if midlaner Kira who managed to get a staggering flash kill on Doublelift or any other of his teammates could make a turn around during their next match against the LMS All-Stars.