James “2GD” Harding Fired from Shanghai Major

2gdAmidst technical issues and match delays the host of the English analysis has been removed halfway through the day’s matches.

2GD led the analyst panel on tangents while trying to fill time during technical delays, before the English twitch stream was taken down for a break. Soon after 2GD tweeted that he had been ‘let go’.

UPDATE: Valve has released a statement on Reddit stating that James was given a second chance, but they regretted hiring him again, and that the current production team is being replaced for the main event.

After immediate outcry on Twitch and Reddit as the news broke, James revealed that the decision had been made by Valve.

James “2GD” Harding’s style of hosting had been casual, sometimes making jokes about other analysts, but the consensus had been that he was entertaining. His ability to keep viewers through more than hour long delays was appreciated by those who showed up on time to watch matches.

He has currently been replaced by Sheever hosting the analysis, and the other panelists are unchanged. There have been no reference to the decision to remove him on the stream, or addressing his absence.

The removal of a popular host from a tournament already plagued by audio issues, long delays, and technical problems with computers and complaints about 60Hz monitors, has tipped a lot of the community into outrage.

Reddit and Twitter have been flooded with calls to bring James back and to never let Perfect World run another Major.

Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner has weighed into the converstion letting perfect world know that he is not an option to replace James as a host. He expressed solidarity with James, but warned against getting too upset before the full story comes out.

James has told his Twitter followers that he will be releasing a statement later tonight.

That statement has been delayed.