Japanese Pro player ShiryAstre unbanned by Valve


Japanese player Shiryastre had been VAC banned by Valve 1 year 2 months ago. This had caused deep stress for the aspiring professional CS Player. He has been informed via email that while his VAC ban will remain, he can participate in Valve events. This opens up the way for the pro player to participate in several tournaments that tend to follow valve in banning / unbanning players.

I got an e-mail from Valve about my VACBAN.
My previous account is still on VACBANNED but Valve told me that I can take part in future Valve-sponsored events.
It took a year and 2 months since July 18th, 2015.
I was crying when I got that e-mail as I was very happy.

Sorry for confusion and I appreciate everyone who has believed me.
I keep playing as a player, so please cheer me up!